If Herbie can go to Monte Carlo then so must DISH


The Cote d’azur on the French Riviera has so much to offer. DISH play at being James Bond for a weekend, and what a weekend it was. Why get the bus into Monte Carlo when you can get a helicopter to drop you in? Really. Crystal blue waters, casinos and what’s the collective noun for a group of supercars? Not forgetting a real life armed robbery unfolding in front of our eyes. A weekend never to be forgotten...


Lets set the scene

Monte Carlo is a country in itself. So small you could drop it in the middle of Central Park in New York and still have room to drive that ferrari around it. But dont let that deceive you. Some of the worlds most expensive property is located here. Manhattan prices for a 1 bedroom apartment. But then if you have millions to play with and looking for a tax haven, then that shoebox apartment and its desirable postcode is all that you need. And plenty are attracted to it. The glitz, the glamour. The wealth. But along with that attracts those that want a share of it, the wrong way. Cue the armed robbery…


It was a warm late march weekend, we sat outside the main square in Monte Carlo watching the playboy’s race around in their sports cars. For two guys that like cars, it was perfect. All very relaxing when suddenly we heard several bangs and shouting. The Cartier shop across from us was been robbed at gun point! They had set fire to a car in the tunnel to block off the police and were holding staff to ransom. The gin was expensive alright, but including the entertainment it was a bargain! We were quickly ushered inside the casino and the place was on lock down for several hours. Shutters down, security men locked doors. No one was moving anywhere. Watching it all unravel on the tv screens inside live on Sky News it was all a bit surreal. Where is James Bond when you need him? You’ll find us at the blackjack table if anyone is looking us.


The city of Nice has so much to offer. A tram ride from the bright lights and casinos of Monte Carlo, it has beautiful beaches and an old world feel and charm to it. Laid back but just as chic. There are parks, open spaces and street musicians all around. Cafe culture is alive and well and everywhere. Who wouldn’t want to sit over a bottle of wine and listen to the waves crash below the Promenade De Anglais?

The south of France and Nice is just a 90 minute flight away from Belfast and the UK. Easyjet fly direct from Belfast. Click here for prices and travel options.

Take a weekend break at anytime of the year, but even off season you can still enjoy the beach and some winter sun. We travelled in late March and had several days of blue skies and warm sunshine during the day. T shirt weather for sure but it was cold at night.


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