Oh New York, Every time we part, we leave a little piece of our hearts with you.

One of the most photographed and tagged cities in the world, and for good reason. Its vibrancy. The sights and sounds. The smell of the place. The rumble and vibration under foot of the trains bringing the masses to and from this over populated island they call Manhattan. Surprisingly friendly locals, movie quality shots around every corner.

Stay for the shopping, visit for the shows.

Or like us, eat your entire weight in the East Village during restaurant week.


If you don’t like the cold, stay away until late spring.

The USA’s North East coast has all four seasons and isn’t afraid to show it. Temperatures in New York and the surrounding areas can fluctuate drastically at any time of the year. It could be 20 over or 10 below withinin 48 hours in winter. And when it drops, you know about it. Theres nowhere to hide when the winter winds wrap around those skyscrapers.


^ That’s South Street Sea Port in the financial district, looking over the Hudson river to Brooklyn. Thank jet lag for this one.

An early rise treated us to some stunning shots of Brooklyn and the Brooklyn bridge. We tend to stay in and around Wall Street and the financial district. The bars and eateries are plentiful and full of genuine locals and office workers, not so many tourists and the service as a result tends to be better.

You’ll find an Irish bar on every street in New York. With a genuine Irish barman too, funnily enough.

Just over the Brooklyn bridge is Williamsburg, a hip district. Super cool, happening restaurants, boutique shops and trendy cafes and all surrounded by street art. All this and commanding breathtaking views back over to Manhattan.

Take the 5 minute ferry ride over or brave the walk over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. No one tells you that you’re high up over traffic and the old boards are creaky and see through in places. Still an absolute must though.

new-york-dish-you-were-here-nyc-luxury-food-travel (5).jpg
new-york-dish-you-were-here-nyc-luxury-food-travel (4).jpg

Little Italy, Little Korea, Chinatown. Cities within a city.

Chinatown is fascinating. Energetic old women selling fake goods on street corners, fish markets, sushi bars, and all the cheap electronic goods you could ask for and more.

In the 10 minutes it takes to walk through the place, you’d swear you’ve entered Asia. Massage parlours and a pungent smell hangs in the air of eastern spices, cooking and raw fish.

I’m really selling it here, aren’t I?

new-york-dish-you-were-here-nyc-luxury-food-travel (10).JPG

Incredible views from the Brooklyn Bridge looking back to the lower end of Manhattan.

The walk across the bridge is a must do.

new-york-dish-you-were-here-nyc-luxury-food-travel (11).JPG
new-york-dish-you-were-here-nyc-luxury-food-travel (7).JPG
new-york-dish-you-were-here-nyc-luxury-food-travel (12).JPG

One of the culinary highlights of our last trip, fried chicken and pancakes for breakfast…


Yes breakfast! Don’t knock to until you’ve tried it. The sweet of the maple syrup and the savoury fried succulent crispy chicken.

new-york-dish-you-were-here-nyc-luxury-food-travel (5).jpg

Bubbys in the West Village in Manhattan is a local tradition. Class without the stuffiness. Relaxed yet you know not to arrive in your sweaty gym gear.

new-york-dish-you-were-here-nyc-luxury-food-travel (13).jpg